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Boy Meets Girl Review

With a couple of big twists on the romantic-comedy genre, this gorgeous little film is almost impossible to resist. And that's precisely the point. With a topical theme, deeply likeable characters and some genuinely powerful ideas, the movie manages to be entertaining and provocative at the same time. Not only does it challenge the cultural bigotry we accept every day, but it encourages us to notice the important people all around us.

Set in Kentucky, the story centres on Ricky (Michelle Hendley), a young woman who still feels guilty over the death of her mother a decade earlier. She lives with her dad (Randall Newsome) and little brother (Joseph Ricci), and has a popular YouTube channel featuring her hand-made clothing designs. Her best pal is Robby (Michael Welch) who has stuck by her since they were 6 years old, and his friendship never wavered even as Ricky transitioned from a young boy into a teen girl. Yes, Ricky is transgender. And she's about to meet a neighbour, Francesca (Alexandra Turshen) who makes her look at herself in a very different way. And when Francesca's soldier fiance (Michael Galante) returns from Afghanistan, he sets in motion some important changes in all of their lives.

Writer-director Schaeffer maintains a lively rom-com vibe even though the film is essentially rather serious. The characters are genuinely hilarious, with barbed dialogue that refers knowingly to the absurdities of small town life, most notably the expectations people have that you'll get married and settle down to start a family. The film's sunny approach makes these pointed observations without ever turning too dark. For example, most people have accepted Ricky as part of the community, but that might be because many don't know about her identity issues. She's a beautiful young woman with a sharp sense of style and a snarky sense of humour.

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Picture - Michael Welch and Melissa Price... Los Angeles CA United States, Wednesday 9th October 2013

Michael Welch and Melissa Price - Los Angeles premiere of 'All The Boys Love Mandy Lane' at The CineFamily - Red Carpet Arrivals - Los Angeles, CA, United States - Wednesday 9th October 2013

Michael Welch
Michael Welch and Samantha Machio
Michael Welch

'Grace Unplugged': A Heart-Warming Christian Movie About The Perils Of Fame Vs. Faith [Trailer + Pictures]

AJ Michalka James Denton Michael Welch

Grace Trey is a young singer songwriter who plays alongside her father in a Christian church band but aspires to greater things, dreaming of one day scoring a Billboard chart hit. As tensions rise between Grace and her father over creative differences, the young star seizes her chance to break away to bigger and better things, running away to Los Angeles.

Grace Unplugged Promo
Aly Michalka & James Denton Star As Father & Daughter.

In LA, Grace's father's former manager, Mossy, helps the aspiring singer land a record deal and she begins to rise to fame; her talents finally appreciated by the world. However, as Grace's popularity grows, the shallow side of LA begins to set up her in an unpleasant way: from her manager, to her make-up artist to the TV star who begins to take an interest in her. It soon emerges that the bright lights of tinsel town aren't all they're cracked up to be.

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Grace Unplugged Trailer

Grace Trey is a young singer/songwriter desperate to follow in her musician father's footsteps and gain attention with a Billboard hit. Her career so far has been singing alongside him in a Christian band at her local church but as tensions rise between the two of them over their artistic differences, Grace makes the big decision to run away to Los Angeles as her father's former manager Mossy agrees to help her land a record deal. However, life on the way to stardom is not all the glamour and fun that she thought it would be. She soon begins to realise the shallowness in everybody around her, from her make-up artist to the young male TV star who has suddenly taken an interest in her. As she starts to move further and further away from her faith and her father handles her disappearance badly, the only solace she finds is in an intern named Quentin who tries to remind her of the important things she's left behind.

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All The Boys Love Mandy Lane Trailer

Mandy Lane is a beautiful teenage girl at a Texas high school known by everyone as the most untouchable female in the school. When she is invited to one boy Red's ranch party along with couple Jake and Marlin, Red's girlfriend Chloe, ranch hand Garth and the only person who seems to be in with a chance of seducing Mandy, Bird, it becomes a competition among the boys to see who can win her affections and, subsequently, her virginity over the course of the booze-fuelled night. However, one person's desires seem to exceed everyone else's as one by one the party guests are brutally murdered and Mandy is left fearing for her own life when the killer makes his presence known inside the house. Things take a dramatic turn when the killer reveals his identity and the survivors are forced to make a daring escape attempt.

This mystery horror is a nail-biting gore-fest starring Amber Heard that is finally due for release in the US after being shelved since 2006. It has been directed by Jonathan Levine ('Warm Bodies', 'The Wackness', '50/50') and written by Jacob Forman in his screenplay debut. It will appear on demand this Autumn and in selected cinemas on October 11th 2013.


Picture - Michael Welch - Fathom Events... Los Angeles California United States, Saturday 3rd August 2013

Michael Welch - Fathom Events Presents The Premiere Of The Asylum And Syfy's "Sharknado" - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 3rd August 2013

Michael Welch