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Space Station 76 Trailer

Captain Glenn (Patrick Wilson) is a struggling alcoholic and an arguably bad captain for Omega 76. To this end, his is sent a new assist captain, Jessica (Liv Tyler) to help him, and ensure that he continues to do his job properly. Ted (Matt Bomer), the robotic armed mechanic, and Misty (Marisa Coughlan) are undergoing relationship issues, with Misty taking far too quickly to the station's new medication features. As the strong personalities of the residents collide to a funky disco beat, the resultant mix of suburban feuding and retro sci-fi creates an explosion of hilarity. 

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Blossom Castmembers Reunite After 19 Years

Mayim Bialik Joey Lawrence Jenna Von Oy Michael Stoyanov

Actress Mayim Bialik has reunited with her Blossom co-stars Joey Lawrence, Jenna Von Oy and Michael Stoyanov, 19 years after the hit show went off-air.

The castmates came together on Monday (16Jun14) to shoot new promotional material for the teen sitcom, which has been picked up for syndication by bosses at America's Hub Network.

The show, about a young girl adjusting to life with her brothers and father after her mother abandons the family, originally ran from 1991 to 1995.

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Freaked Review

Most stars spend the millions (or hundreds of thousands) they make on big budget films buying up real estate, new cars, fancy trophy spouses, designer luggage, and small, rodent-like dogs that don't really qualify as dogs but sadly think they do. (There is some innate "wolf-like" attitude in even the slightest of Chihuahuas, it's the glint of their teeth extended over tiny lips, the snarl; little dogs still have that "wild hunt" bred deep within them. This all seems very tangential but so is Freaked. I'm making a point here.) Alex Winter, hot off the success of the Bill and Ted films, decided to take his money and invest it in an off-the-wall comedy about circus freaks and hideous mutants. Makes sense, right?

Thing is, Winter had a great intuition unfortunately neither Hollywood nor the public was in a like mind. Freaked floundered and sank and now, after years of rumors, the gimp is back out of the trunk. And it's a groovy thing.

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Restaurant Review

They might as well have called this movie J. T. McClure's, which is the name of the "restaurant" where all the film's characters work. That would have at least helped to add a little mystery and some flare to such a pitiable title. Thankfully, the film itself is a whole lot better than the name might indicate. Restaurant, directed by Eric Bross, spins the story of a group of young twenty-somethings struggling to reach their dreams of fame, while working at an upscale bar and grill in Hoboken, New Jersey. It's got that sort of Swingers humor and mentality, mixed with a diverse cast and much more serious themes.

Our protagonist is the restaurant's bartender, Chris Calloway (Adrien Brody - Summer of Sam, Six Ways to Sunday), a struggling playwright weaving his real life problems into his first play -- a work in progress that he can't seem to finish. When he meets the newest waitress Jeanine (Elise Neal - Mission to Mars) and they hit it off, he's faced with his second interracial relationship (the first being Lauryn Hill, who we see mostly as a picture on the refrigerator). Chris can't figure out why he likes black women so much, especially after his Italian father raised him to be a bigot. This dilemma is portrayed in his unfinished play, which is the story of a white man that can't deal with the external pressures of having a black girlfriend, even though he's madly in love. As he tries to make sense of his feelings, he gets caught up in the past when his ex (Hill) shows up at a friend's wedding. Because his relationship with her ended on such a bizarre note, he can't put it behind him, which prevents him from devoting his heart to Jeanine, and finally, thwarts him from finishing the play. Whew!

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