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The Son Of No One Trailer

Jonathan is a young cop with a loving wife and small daughter. He enjoys his job and his life could not be any better. However, as a child Jonathan was forced to make some life changing decisions that have haunted him ever since.

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The Beaver Review

While there are too many carefully constructed moments in this film, it's a remarkably effective mixture of dark drama and absurd comedy. This is surprising because the premise is more than a little ridiculous.

After a nervous breakdown, Walter (Gibson) is struggling to get back into his role as CEO of a toy company, husband to Meredith (Foster) and father to two boys, smart 17-year-old Porter (Yelchin) and curious young Henry (Stewart).

When Walter finds a beaver puppet, he has an epiphany, letting the beaver say what he's afraid to say. While this helps reinvigorate his business and adds a lively twist to his family life, it's not exactly a permanent solution.

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The Beaver Trailer

It wasn't so long ago when Walter Black lived a happy life, the CEO of a toy company and married with two sons, Walter had it all. Those days now seem so far away, through no real fault, Walter's marriage is breaking down and communication with his sons, who he once knew so well, is at an all time low.

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The World Premiere Of The Ministers Held At Lowes Lincoln Square

Michael Rivera Tuesday 13th October 2009 The world premiere of the Ministers held at Lowes Lincoln Square New York City, USA

Michael Rivera

Fighting Review

There is something abnormally aggressive and conversational being deployed in the street-fight drama Fighting. It's the second film directed and co-written by New York native Dito Montiel and, like his nostalgic debut A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, it has a great love for NYC location shooting.

This film tells a very familiar tale of a talented fighter discovered by an opportunistic but ultimately good-hearted manager/trainer and shoved into a world of money, greed, and empty glory that he may not be prepared for. But Never Back Down, this is not. The moment Shawn (Channing Tatum) enters the screen, it's obvious he is not wise nor even very intelligent for that matter. He's lean and muscular but he doesn't have it over on anyone, and this is partially how he comes under the wing of Harvey Boarden (Terrence Howard), a street hustler who has connections to the world of private boxing. There's a hint of imperialism in the way the very white Shawn squares-off against four fighters, beginning with a brawny Eastern European type and ending with Evan (Brian J. White), a black, brutal fighter who Shawn's father taught and loved more than his son.

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