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Tamara Mellon Is Engaged

Tamara Mellon Michael Ovitz

Tamara Mellon is engaged.

The Jimmy Choo co-founder has announced she is planning to tie the knot with her partner of almost four years, Michael Ovitz.

The brunette beauty, 47, confessed she was ''surprised'' when the 68-year-old talent agent popped the question even though he had hinted he was planning to propose.

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Finke-waxman Feud Heats Up

Michael Ovitz Expose

Bad blood between two entertainment industry bloggers, Nikki Finke and Sharon Waxman, continued to curdle over the weekend as, first, Finke, on her Deadline blog, disputed an article by Waxman and Brent Lang on TheWrap claiming that former CAA chief Michael Ovitz had failed in a bid to take over management of IMG, the sports talent agency, and that members of the agency's advisory board were now maneuvering to oust Ovitz. "Let me knock down this untrue rumor," began Finke's commentary, which failed to mention TheWrap as the source of the "rumor." Next, Waxman stood by her story and claimed that Finke had sent an email to Reuters, which is partnered with TheWrap for entertainment industry news, detailing how the Ovitz story was wrong. "Her malicious email is not the first time Finke has written Reuters to spread libelous information about TheWrap," Waxman wrote, vowing to Expose "Finke's poisonous maneuvers" in future posts.

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Cruise Has Restaurant Plans?

Tom Cruise Justin Timberlake Ashton Kutcher Jennifer Lopez Michael Ovitz

Tom Cruise is looking to join the likes of Justin Timberlake, Ashton Kutcher and Jennifer Lopez by reportedly investing in a new Hollywood restaurant. The movie superstar has signed on to open a new sushi restaurant on Melrose Avenue, according to reports. The restaurant that formerly housed trendy diner Citrine has been purchased by a group that reportedly includes Cruise and former Disney boss Michael Ovitz.

Timeline Review

At least one can be thankful for a movie like Timeline that hires Billy Connolly to play Paul Walker's father, but stops itself short of then asking Walker to do a Scottish accent; it's all the poor guy can do to emote anything besides a grinning, sun-blanched California geniality. In many other ways, the filmmakers have littered the screen with ideas that go from bad to worse, quite often taking lengthy detours into sheer laughability along the way. This was likely supposed to be a big summer-style actioner, with all the time travel and battling knights that the post-Dungeons and Dragons multiplex crowd could ever want, but it came out like a plus-size episode of Sliders.

The story is typical Michael Critchon hooey, only shorn of all the techno-speak which his books use to cloud the sheer implausibility of their central conceits. An archaeological group on a dig in France finds a couple of interesting artifacts: one is a modern-day bifocal lens, the other a note from the dig's leader, Prof. Ed Johnston (Connolly), which is in his handwriting but dates from the 14th century. Just as this is discovered, the gang (mostly young attractive archaeologists and Walker, who was just there visiting his dad) is all summoned back to the desert headquarters of ITC, the big firm that's funding their dig. There, ITC's boss (David Thewlis, long MIA from Hollywood films) says that they've discovered how to send people back in time through a freakily-discovered wormhole to a spot in France circa 1357, and oh yeah, that they sent Johnston back there a couple days ago, he hasn't returned and they're starting to get worried about him. You see, that particular part of the world was at that time embroiled in a battle between the French and the English, meaning that there were lots of angry men on horses riding about looking for people to practice one-sided swordplay on.

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Disney Boss And Neighbours In Development Row

Disney Michael Ovitz

Disney boss Michael Ovitz has upset his neighbours in Beverly Hills by announcing plans to build a massive new home business complex.

The millionaires and billionaires who live in the exclusive Los Angeles area where Ovitz lives are begging city developers to intervene in a battle to stop the media mogul from going ahead with his renovation.

Neighbour HAMID GABBAY says, "From what we've heard he's planning a 5,000 square foot development with an office tower and several guest houses and a tennis pavilion."

28/05/2004 02:33
Michael Ovitz

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