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This Year's Halloween Tv Line-up Is One Part Gore, One Part Comedy And Plenty Of Cheesiness To Top It Off

By Victoria Pavlova | 31st October 2013

Halloween is upon us and with that – the less than sober antics of those who’ve boldly chosen to go outside in their togas and cat costumes and make the most noise they possibly can....

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Christopher Mintz-plasse Doesn't Like Remakes

7th September 2011

Christopher Mintz-Plasse is not a fan of vampire films - despite starring in one. The 'Superbad' actor appears alongside Colin Farrell and Anton Yelchin in the new remake of 'Fright Night', about a boy who...

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The Things They Say 13264

27th August 2009

"I make every character in the movie me... I show his face for the first time ever and he has really long hair and this huge beard... like he's in ZZ TOP, I'm not kidding."...

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New Kid Set For Halloween Film

17th March 2009

An unknown Seattle, Washington actor will be the latest to play serial killer MICHAEL MYERS in ROB ZOMBIE's new HALLOWEEN movie. Chase Wright Vanek has been drafted into H2, which is currently shooting in Georgia, as...

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Fascinating Fact 3869

4th September 2007

The MICHAEL MYERS mask from the original HALLOWEEN movie was modelled on actor WILLIAM SHATNER's face....

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Halloween Returns To Hollywood

3rd May 2006

A ninth HALLOWEEN movie is being planned - as a prequel to the cult horror franchise. Plans to make HALLOWEEN: THE MISSING YEARS were shelved when producer MOUSTAPHA AKKAD died in last year's (05) terrorist...

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Weinsteins To Auction Hollywood Memorabilia

28th February 2006

Hollywood producers BOB and HARVEY WEINSTEIN are auctioning off thousands of props and wardrobe items from their most famous movies to raise money for charity. The online auctions begin on Friday (03MAR06) and will...

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Freddy To Take On Michael Myers?

16th November 2005

Hollywood horror icon FREDDY KRUEGER is set to return - and will take on HALLOWEEN killer MICHAEL MYERS in a new movie. Screenwriters are working on a sequel to 2003's FREDDY VS JASON and...

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Freddy Krueger Voted Scariest Killer

4th September 2005

NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET psychopathic killer FREDDY KRUEGER has been voted the most terrifying horror villain of all time. The razor-gloved murderer, played by actor ROBERT ENGLUND in WES CRAVEN's 1984 thriller and a...

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Freddy Asks Scream Queen Jamie To Consider One More Halloween

21st March 2005

A NIGHTMARE OF ELM STREET star ROBERT ENGLUND is trying to persuade veteran scream queen JAMIE LEE CURTIS to reprise her role as LAURIE STRODE for one more HALLOWEEN movie. Englund, who is famous...

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John Carpenter: Halloween Isn't Misogynistic

6th January 2004

Veteran director JOHN CARPENTER has blasted critics who label his cult movie HALLOWEEN misogynistic. The 55-year-old cult filmmaker laughs off accusations that the 1978 classic contains scenes in which killer MICHAEL MYERS is unnecessarily...

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