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Moore Pleased Teenagers Like His Rebel Status

MICHAEL MOORE believes his movies appeal to teenagers because of his anti-establishment credentials. Moore, whose 2004 documentary Fahrenheit 9/11 slammed U.S. President George W. Bush's response to the 11th September terrorist attacks, is proud his...

Michaels Blasts King For 'Bumping' Moore For Hilton

Actress TAMMY LYNN MICHAELS has blasted CNN newsman LARRY KING for 'bumping' documentary maker MICHAEL MOORE in favour of a chat with PARIS HILTON. The respected talk show titan admits he took seconds to agree...

Moore's Health Plea To Arnie

Michael Moore is trying to recruit the Terminator in his campaign to achieve better health care in the US.At a rally ahead of the release of his new health care documentary the controversial filmmaker urged...

By on 27 June 2007

Moore Blasted For Eating Meat

Documentary filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE has been branded a "sicko" by an animal-rights group for eating meat. The controversial director is accused of being a "hypocrite" by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)...

Moore Takes Steps To Protect Film

LATEST: Documentary filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE has locked the negative of his new film SICKO away to make sure government officials can't confiscate the project ahead of its 29 June (07) release. The controversial director faces...

Moore Not Worried About Sicko Leak

LATEST: Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE insists he doesn't care his new documentary SICKO has been leaked online - he's just glad people get to watch his movie. Video-sharing website was forced to pull links to...

Will Piracy Infect Box Office For Sicko?

Michael Moore's Sicko had been downloaded about 4,000 times from peer-to-peer websites PirateBay and Mininova as of Wednesday, according to figures posted on the sites. Clips from the film were also viewed over 1,000 times...

Moore: 'Film Leak Was An Inside Job'

Documentary maker MICHAEL MOORE has accused movie executives of leaking his new film on the internet because he insists the weekend controversy must have been an inside job. The editors of video-sharing website were...

Sicko Getting Early Release

In an apparent reaction to the posting of high-quality digital prints of Michael Moore's Sicko on several peer-to-peer websites (Moore has suggested that the piracy was undertaken in order to sabotage the film.) the Weinstein...

Youtube Removes Pirated Sicko Uploads

YouTube on Monday quickly yanked pirated copies of Michael Moore's Sicko from its website. The two-hour movie was posted in 14 segments, in deference to YouTube's policy of permitting only short clips to be uploaded....

Moore Movie Leaked Online

The editors of video-sharing website were forced to pull links to pirated versions of MICHAEL MOORE's new U.S. healthcare documentary over the weekend after learning as many as 600 people had seen the film...

Moore Haunted By Sicko Story

Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE is still haunted by one tragedy documented in his new documentary SICKO - that of a struggling mother who lost her child because of healthcare red tape. The Bowling For Columbine documentary...

Michael Moore's Sicko Is Pirated

A copy of Michael Moore's Sicko, apparently spirited out of the United States and into Canada in order to avoid the possibility of its being confiscated by U.S. authorities, has turned up on the Internet...

Moore Faces Jail Over Cuban Filming

LATEST: Controversial documentary maker MICHAEL MOORE faces jail after breaking U.S. trade laws to make parts of his hard-hitting new film, SICKO, in Cuba. Moore hired a boat and took a group of ill 9/11...

Moore Gets Nurses Support For Sicko

MICHAEL MOORE's new documentary about the state of U.S. healthcare, SICKO, has been given a huge boost by California's nurses - they will flood cinemas later this month (Jun07) when the film is released. The...

Treasury Could Fine Rescuers Who Visited Cuba With Moore

The Treasury Department wants to know how Michael Moore was able to travel with about a dozen 9/11 rescue workers to Cuba, where they were able to buy prescription drugs cheaply and receive free health...

Moore Accuses U.s. Government Of Harassment

LATEST: Controversial director MICHAEL MOORE has accused the U.S. government of harassment, following an investigation into a visit he made to Cuba to shoot scenes for his new movie SICKO. Moore brought men and women...

Michael Moore Hires Famed Lawyer Boies

Michael Moore has hired David Boies, arguably the nation's most famous trial attorney, to represent him, following the Treasury Department's announcement that it is investigating Moore's trip to Cuba last year to determine whether it...

Michael Moore 'Hides Film'

Controversial documentary maker Michael Moore has hidden a copy of his latest film in Canada due to fears US officials may confiscate it.Moore told journalists of his elaborate efforts to ensure the release of the...

By on 12 June 2007

Moore Loses Weight By Sleeping

Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE has found the secret to successful weight loss - getting plenty of sleep. The director has lost 30 pounds (13.6 kilograms) in the space of three months, and credits much of his...

Furnish Slams Michael Moore

SIR ELTON JOHN's partner DAVID FURNISH has hit out at filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE for criticising the U.S. healthcare system. The star - who lives in England - insists new movie Sicko is inaccurate, and has...

Moore Saves Single-screen Theater In Michigan

Michael Moore will reopen a 58-year-old theater in Traverse City, MI that has been closed for more than a decade, refurbish it with new screen and projection equipment and use the theater as the site...

Today's Lauer Going To Cuba

U.S. officials may have held up Michael Moore's application to travel to Cuba to film part of Sicko, his documentary about the U.S. health system, but they have presumably not been reluctant to approve a...

Moore Plans Unofficial Sicko Premiere

Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE will premiere controversial movie SICKO in Michigan as part of a local Democrat fundraiser. The director, whose new film criticises the U.S. healthcare system, will screen the movie on 16 June (07)...

Moore To Defend Ground Zero Workers

LATEST: Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE has vowed to protect the Ground Zero workers he brought to Cuba for medical treatment from U.S. authorities. Moore brought men and women, who had assisted in the clean-up of lower...

Moore Receives Cheers At Cannes, Boos From Canadian Crtics

Michael Moore received a standing -- and sustained -- ovation following the screening of his latest documentary, Sicko, at the Cannes Film Festival Saturday. But some critics suggested that in censuring the U.S. health system,...

Moore Defends Medical Cheque

Documentary filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE has brushed off cynics' accusations his $12,000 (GBP6,000) cheque for an opponent's medical costs was a publicity stunt for his new movie. The Oscar winner's latest documentary, Sicko, is an expose...

Moore Urges Audience To Act

MICHAEL MOORE has urged audiences to "rise up out of their seats" and take action against politicians cheating them of proper healthcare. The Oscar winner's latest documentary, Sicko, is an expose on the U.S. healthcare...

Moore: 'U.s. Investigation Timing Is Insane'

Filmmaker MICHAEL MOORE is baffled by the timing of a U.S. federal investigation into his trip to Cuba for new movie SICKO, because the government knew about his plans to travel to the Caribbean island...

Moore Unveils Sicko At Cannes

US documentary maker Michael Moore has unveiled his new film Sicko at Cannes film festival.Sicko depicts the US health system and involves Moore travelling across the world to see how other health care systems are...

By on 19 May 2007

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