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Season 2 Premiere Of 'Better Call Saul'

Michael McKean - Season 2 premiere of 'Better Call Saul' at ArcLight Cinemas - Red Carpet Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Wednesday 3rd February 2016

Michael Mckean

Hamlet In Bed Opening Party Arrivals

Michael McKean - Opening night for Hamlet In Bed at the Rattlestick Playwrights Theatre - Departures. - New York City, New York, United States - Friday 11th September 2015

Michael Mckean
Annette O'toole and Michael Mckean
Michael Mckean

Michael McKean Arrives At Los Angeles International Airport

Michael McKean - Laverne & Shirley star, Michael McKean arrives at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) - Los Angeles, California, United States - Monday 26th January 2015

Michael Mckean
Michael Mckean
Michael Mckean
Michael Mckean

Polly Bergen, US Actress Known For 'Cape Fear', Has Died Aged 84

Polly Bergen Chris Colfer Dana Delany Michael McKean Gregory Peck Jerry Lewis Dean Martin Doris Day John Stamos Glee Robert Mitchum

Polly Bergen, the US actress best known for her roles in such classic films as Cape Fear and for her television appearances on The Sopranos and Desperate Housewives, has died at the age of 84.

Polly Bergen
Polly Bergen has died at the age of 84.

Bergen was born in 1930 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her career began in the late 1940s and she became a household name when she starred in The Helen Morgan Story, for which she won an Emmy award in 1958. 

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41st Annual Chaplin Award Gala

Michael McKean - 41st Annual Chaplin Award Gala honoring Rob Reiner - New York, New York, United States - Monday 28th April 2014

Michael Mckean
Michael Mckean
Michael Mckean

Opening Night Of Lady Day At Emerson's Bar And Grill - Arrivals

Michael McKean - Opening night of Lady Day at Emerson's Bar and Grill at the Circle in the Square Theatre - Arrivals. - New York, New York, United States - Sunday 13th April 2014

Michael Mckean

The Words Trailer

Rory Jansen is a young writer who is failing to achieve any kind of literary recognition and is on the edge of giving up as he and his wife Dora struggle to pay the bills. One day, as a kind gesture, Dora buys Rory an antique looking leather case in which he later discovers a collection of papers detailing a highly compelling and well written novel. In a moment of utter desperation and thoughtlessness, Rory copies the story and gets it published under his own name finally achieving the recognition and success he so craved. It's only a matter of time before he gets found out and he begins to realise how many people's lives he has affected by his one moment of stupidity. He must face the consequences for stealing the work of another writer and find a way to fix everything.

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'Spinal Tap' Star Michael Mckean Breaks Leg After Car Accident

Michael McKean

Bad news for Michael McKean, after the former 'Spinal Tap' actor was involved in an accident that left him with a broken leg, forcing him to miss curtain for his current Broadway show. MCKean is currently wowing audiences on the stage in Gore Vidal's 'The Best Man,' but who knows when he'll be back to being the best again after this unfortunate injury.

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Spinal Tap Stars Tackle Jeopardy!

Spinal Tap Michael McKean Harry Shearer

Spinal Tap stars Michael McKean and Harry Shearer are set to fight for charity cash during a celebrity week of beloved U.S. game show JEOPARDY!

The two actors/rockers will face off against each other during the Jeopardy! Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational at the beginning of May (3rd).

The week of special shows will also feature Neil Patrick Harris, Cheech Marin and designer Isaac Mizrahi.

Joshua (2007) Review

Shot in wide-angled lens, the apartment in which the Cairn family resides could be any market-trading, publisher-dictating, money-horny Manhattanite's family bungalow. The rooms have respectably high ceilings, there's space for a big ol' piano, and there's even enough room for one of those nifty new fridges with enough compartments to be able to fit tons of leftovers from the Tribeca Grill. The halls look shadowy, and in the daytime the sun comes in basically as a vomit-colored fog. Only in an apartment with this sort of eerie ambience could a so-creepy-maybe-he's-the-devil child like Joshua Cairn be brought up by his insanely yuppie parents.

Director George Ratliff's shift into narrative cinema isn't completely unlike his hair-raising Trinity Church documentary Hell House. Though intriguingly unexplored, the idea of religious fundamentalism gets breached in a scene when the young Joshua (Jacob Kagon) takes a trip to church with his grandmother (Celia Weston). He later announces that he is prepared to accept Christ; his mother (Vera Farmiga) responds by reminding her mother-in-law and Joshua that she is a "big, fat Jew". The father (Sam Rockwell) takes his son's eccentricities and disturbing statements ("you don't have to love me") with a shambling good nature, only truly breaking down when the family dog dies. In a wicked twist, Ratliff only hints at the father's possible infidelity and revels in the lame AM radio rock he sings as he enters his apartment palace.

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The Hunchback Of Notre Dame II Review

Our pal Quasimodo finds love of his own in this abortive and unbearably lazy sequel to Disney's moderate success, The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Unlike mostly no-name productions like The Return of Jafar, the entire original cast is back in this sequel (with the exception of Mary Wickes, who died before the original Hunchback was ever released), and how Disney convinced them to take part is beyond me. (Iron-clad contract or the promise that, after all, this will barely take an hour of their time?)

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Best In Show Review

Just when you thought the mockumentary had mocked everything worth mocking, here comes a new gem of the genre that will have you rolling in the aisles once again.

Up for skewering this time around is the dog show, as Best in Show takes the absolutely inane shenanigans of dog breeders and handlers, impaling their obsession with a caliber of wit unseen since This is Spinal Tap made rock gods look like buffoons.

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Coneheads Review

It sounds weird to say it, but Coneheads the movie is underrated. How come it's better than your typical SNL adaptation? A new spin on the original skit with some fresh stars like Sinbad and McKean plus a generous special effects budget fill in the gaps when the movie flags. Plus a revival of "Tainted Love" doesn't hurt.

Slap Her, She's French Review

Slap me, I liked it.

If the farcical title for actress-turned-director Melanie Mayron's Slap Her, She's French doesn't scare you away, there's a chance the worn-out premise will. Don't let it. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, Mayron and her bubbly cast of newcomers deliver a delectable little treat that's sunny, funny, and far more intelligent than you'd expect.

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Gallagher Thought Spinal Tap Were Real Band

Liam Gallagher This Is Spinal Tap Oasis Michael McKean Christopher Guest A Mighty Wind

Liam Gallagher walked out on a New York performance by the stars of 1980s spoof movie This Is Spinal Tap, after discovering they aren't a real band.

The Oasis frontman had seen the 1984 film before, but was convinced DAVID ST HUBBINS, NIGEL TUFNEL and DEREK SMALLS - played by Michael McKean and Christopher Guest and HARRY SHEARER - were real rockers.

His amused brother NOEL recalls, "He thought they were real people. We went to see them in Carnegie Hall. Before they played they came on as the three folk singers from A Mighty Wind. We were laughing and he said: 'This is shit.'

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Michael Mckean

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