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The Things They Say 2583

3rd August 2006

"I never understood the attention that scene got. I always thought that scene was kind of tame. I didn't really see it as being so violent." MICHAEL MADSEN on his torture scene in RESERVOIR DOGS,...

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The Things They Say 2584

3rd August 2006

"When you're shaking hands and signing autographs at a premiere, you can actually feel people physically trembling when you're near them." KILL BILL star MICHAEL MADSEN on his intimidating presence.

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Another Hollywood Feud Heats Up As Madsen Slams Pitt

3rd August 2006

RESERVOIR DOGS tough guy MICHAEL MADSEN has attacked his one-time co-star BRAD PITT for not standing up for him and helping him land a leading role in his new movie. Tough guy Madsen was offered...

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Madsen Campaigns For Petrol Signs

9th June 2006

RESERVOIR DOGS star MICHAEL MADSEN is battling to save a tiny piece of American history - petrol station signs. The crusading actor is desperate to halt plans to pull down the iconic orange spheres -...

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Madsen Slams 'Homogenous' Hollywood

9th June 2006

MICHAEL MADSEN has hit out at contemporary Hollywood film-making, insisting movies have become dull and mindless. The KILL BILL star is sick of the formulaic plots he sees at cinemas and is calling for a...

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Madsen Forbidden From Talking About Scary Movie 4

10th January 2006

RESERVOIR DOGS star MICHAEL MADSEN has been forbidden to promote his new movie SCARY MOVIE 4, because producers fear any talk about his character will ruin the film. The actor reveals he has a...

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Reservoir Dogs Star Mauled By Rottweiler

5th January 2006

Tough guy actor CHRIS PENN had to shoot one scene in RESERVOIR DOGS with blood gushing from his neck after co-star MICHAEL MADSEN's rottweiler attacked him. Madsen recalls his dog, BLUE, biting Penn just...

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Tarantino Plans Christmas Day Film Marathon

23rd December 2005

QUENTIN TARANTINO is planning a Christmas Day marathon, watching all his own movies. The cult movie maker was thrilled when bosses at the Encore cable channel announced they would be screening all of his...

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Eastwood + Tarantino Share The Screen For Boetticher Documentary

17th December 2005

CLINT EASTWOOD and QUENTIN TARANTINO have joined forces to pay tribute to their silver screen hero BUDD BOETTICHER in a new US TV documentary about the B-movie western director. The pair discovered a joint...

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Madsen A Dad Again

3rd November 2005

RESERVOIR DOGS star MICHAEL MADSEN is celebrating after becoming a father for the sixth time. The actor's wife DEANNA gave birth to the couple's sixth son, LUKE RAY MADSEN, on 13 October (05)....

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Sex Shock Scene In The Crying Game Tops New Movie Poll

27th September 2005

THE CRYING GAME's pivotal penis scene has topped a new movie poll of shocking moments. The scene in question, where STEPHEN REA's character is confronted by the naked truth that the dancer he's in...

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Fascinating Fact 206

16th September 2005

Actor MICHAEL MADSEN's pregnant wife DEANNA used to be married to STRAY CATS frontman BRIAN SETZER....

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Madsen Favours Dog's Name For Unborn Baby

16th September 2005

RESERVOIR DOGS star MICHAEL MADSEN plans to call his sixth child ROCCO - in honour of his late bulldog. The movie star already has four sons and a stepson, and he's convinced his sixth...

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Carradine Props Up Father's Corpse

31st May 2005

Hollywood star DAVID CARRADINE horrified friends at his father's1988 funeral, by propping up the corpse so guests could have one last "conversation" with him. Fellow actor MICHAEL MADSEN was amazed to hear about the...

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Madsen Quit Job To Avoid Being Desensitised By The Dead

27th May 2005

KILL BILL star MICHAEL MADSEN had to give up his first job as a hospital orderly because he feared becoming "desensitised" by regularly seeing dead patients. Before becoming an actor, Madsen worked in a...

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Madsen: 'Film Violence Is Out Of Hand'

25th May 2005

MICHAEL MADSEN fears violence on screen is spiralling out of control - and insists filmmakers are desperate to outdo each other with increasingly graphic scenes. The 46-year-old actor may have appeared in his fair...

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Madsen Announces Actors In New Tarantino Film

24th May 2005

Hollywood actor MICHAEL MADSEN has confirmed director QUENTIN TARANTINO's all-star line-up for his highly-anticipated war movie INGLORIOUS BASTARDS. Madsen, who has collaborated with the maverick filmmaker on RESERVOIR DOGS and the KILL BILL movies,...

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Tarantino To Cut Up Bastards?

23rd March 2005

QUENTIN TARANTINO is so happy with the success of his KILL BILLs he's planning to make his next movie in two parts, according to his favourite actor MICHAEL MADSEN. Madsen, who appeared in RESERVOIR...

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Griffin Sued By Limousine Company

29th January 2005

Funnyman EDDIE GRIFFIN isn't laughing at a new lawsuit in which he's being accused of refusing to pay a limousine service bill. The bosses of Gemstar Limousine Service in Malibu, California, claim the UNDERCOVER...

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Brooke Shields Movie Producers Get Their Tilt On

21st January 2005

The makers of a 1979 BROOKE SHIELDS movie are suing American sports channel ESPN, claiming network bosses stole their title. The film producers fear fans of Shields' pinball movie TILT will confuse the movie...

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Madsen Escapes Limo Battle In Court Again

12th November 2004

RESERVOIR DOGS star MICHAEL MADSEN has escaped a court battle for the second time this year (04) after allegedly failing to pay a limousine bill. California company SELECT LIMOUSINE SERVICE filed suit to reclaim...

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Hollywood Hunks Sob For Artist

28th October 2004

Hollywood hunks including JUDE LAW, ROBERT DOWNEY JR and LAURENCE FISHBURNE amazed artist SAM TAYLOR-WOOD with their heart-felt sobs for her bizarre new exhibition, CRYING MEN. The photographer asked the actors to produce real...

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Travolta Waits For Vega Brothers Call From Tarantino

28th September 2004

JOHN TRAVOLTA is hoping QUENTIN TARANTINO will call him about much-mooted movie THE VEGA BROTHERS - because he would never phone his PULP FICTION director. Tarantino has long talked about the idea of bringing...

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Madsen Prepared To Bad Mouth Own Movies

18th June 2004

Hollywood actor MICHAEL MADSEN is prepared to criticise a film he's promoting if he deems it poor - because he hates lying. The KILL BILL: VOL II actor refuses to forfeit his integrity when...

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Tarantino Heads Off On A Hell Ride

8th June 2004

QUENTIN TARANTINO is set to return to acting in a tribute to one of his film heroes, LARRY BISHOP. The KILL BILL director is such a fan of Bishop's 1960s motorcycle road movies, he...

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Madsen: I Was A Useless Criminal

20th May 2004

Movie hardman MICHAEL MADSEN would be a criminal rather than a movie star - if only he wasn't such a useless felon. The KILL BILL: VOL 2 star admits he was a wild teenager...

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Madsen Curses Mr Blonde Role

11th May 2004

Veteran actor MICHAEL MADSEN is sick of being typecast as the violent bad guy, sparked by his appearance in QUENTIN TARANTINO's blood-soaked classic RESERVOIR DOGS. The 45-year-old frequently gets called MR BLONDE - his...

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Michael Madsen: Most Of My Films Are Bad

30th April 2004

Movie hardman MICHAEL MADSEN is only proud of five films he has appeared in. The RESERVOIR DOGS star has made almost 100 screen appearances since his debut in 1982 flop AGAINST ALL HOPE -...

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Madsen Blasts Kermit

29th April 2004

Movie hardman MICHAEL MADSEN is furious he has yet to be offered a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame - because even KERMIT THE FROG has his own spot. The RESERVOIR DOGS star...

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Madsen And Keitel Hesitate Over Satan

23rd April 2004

Movie tough guys MICHAEL MADSEN and HARVEY KEITEL had a difficult decision during the christening of Madsen's son - whether to renounce Satan or not. Madsen picked his RESERVOIR DOGS co-star to be the...

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