Sony bosses have vaults full of of unreleased Michael Jackson recordings, which they plan to release sparingly in the coming months and years.
At least five new tracks will appear on the soundtrack to Jackson's new concert rehearsal movie This Is It, including the title track and a spoken word poem called Planet Earth.
And Sony chairman Rob Stringer admits there's plenty more music where those tunes came from.
He tells Rolling Stone magazine, "We have a lot of music in the vaults. We will take our time with the rest of the material."
And there's more music in vaults at soul label Motown, according to Jackson's one-time producer Samm Brown.
Shortly after the King of Pop's death in June (09), he told WENN, "Michael was such a perfectionist and he had a lot of stuff that he didn't use. I know, for a fact, that Motown has a deep vault and I would say there are 100 or more tracks sitting at Motown alone.
"There will be somebody in his (Jackson) camp who will want to release all of the lost tracks he recorded - dating way back to the 1960s. There's huge money to be made off of these recordings."