Authorities investigating Michael Jackson's death have raided a Beverly Hills pharmacy located in the same building as the offices of his dermatologist DR. ARNOLD KLEIN.
Officers from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) served a warrant to search the Mickey Fine Pharmacy & Grill on Friday (21Aug09) to investigate if prescription pills were improperly dispensed, according to a spokesperson.
The search of the premises lasted five hours before agents left with one box of medical records.
Bosses of the Mickey Fine Pharmacy & Grill sued Jackson in 2007 over claims he owed $100,000 for prescription drugs from the previous two years. The suit was quickly resolved.
The pharmacy is situated in the same building as Jackson's longtime dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein's offices. Klein is also under investigation by authorities.
It is the second raid on a pharmacy as part of the ongoing investigation into Jackson's death - officers swooped on Applied Pharmacy Services in Las Vegas last week (11Aug09) in search of documents relating to drug prescriptions written by Jackson's personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray.