Michael Jackson's older sister REBBIE is set to revive her music career in the wake of the King of Pop's death with an upcoming U.S. tour.
Rebbie Jackson enjoyed musical success alongside her eight famous siblings - solo artists Janet, La Toya and Randy, and Jackson 5 members Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon and Michael - but her comeback was cut short last summer (09) after Michael's sudden death.
Now that she has had time to grieve her loss, Rebbie is planning a return to the stage - but she is quick to point out the concerts will not be a tribute to her late brother because she "wouldn't feel comfortable doing that".
She says, "I actually performed before my brother passed in Scranton, Pennsylvania and I had sequential (performances) in that area or surrounding area. Of course they all came to a halt... I felt now was a good time enough time has passed since his passing."
The singer also admits she's keen for the entire family to reunite on stage - and has invited her brothers and sisters to join her on the road.
She adds, "I'd love to do a family show - a whole family tour. That would be nice because every time I talk to a reporter - or just fans in general - they always ask about the entire family performing together, and that's why I say that."