Michael Jackson's brothers RANDY and JERMAINE were speechless with shock when they learned the star was dying.
The pair was among family members who raced to Los Angeles' UCLA Medical Center on Thursday night (25Jun09) when they were informed the Thriller singer was in a coma following a massive heart attack.
And they were so stunned as they waited for news in a private room at the hospital, they were unable to speak.
Jackson family lawyer, Brian Oxman, hugged the two brothers in an emotionally charged meeting just seconds before they were told of Michael's death.
He says, "I received a phone call from Randy Jackson's assistant, and she told me that Michael had been taken to the hospital. I then got ahold of Randy and said, 'Randy, what's happening?' and he said, 'Brian, he's going to hospital, meet me at the hospital.'
"I went to the UCLA Medical Center and got there before Randy did. And when he came in a few minutes later we just saw each other in the emergency room and he started crying. I had my arms around him. We couldn't even speak. We just hugged one another in the emergency room and then he broke away and went into another room.
"Jermaine Jackson then came in and tears were streaming down Jermaine's face, and I said 'Jermaine...' - and he couldn't talk. He just cried and he hugged me. Then he went into the other room, and I knew what had happened."