Michael Jackson could not have guzzled a fatal anaesthetic cocktail, according to a medical expert at a court hearing on Friday (29Apr11).
Prosecutors committed to putting the King of Pop's physician Dr. Conrad Murray behind bars called on the unnamed expert to help them dismiss suggestions made by the defence lawyers that the pop superstar took his own life by either drinking or injecting himself with Propofol.
Dr. Murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter for administering the fatal dose of the drug.
In court in Los Angeles on Friday, the prosecution - led by Deputy District Attorney David Walgren - told Judge Michael Pastor autopsy results rule out the possibility Jackson drank Propofol before his death, while his doctor was outside his bedroom.
Walgren told the court his expert "says categorically it’s not possible Michael Jackson orally ingested Propofol, based on the science."
Murray's manslaughter trial is expected to begin next month (May11).