Michael Jackson's children "never cried again" after viewing their father's body.

The iconic singer passed away from acute Propofol intoxication in June 2009 and while his kids Prince Michael, 14, Paris, 12, and nine-year-old Prince Michael II, known as 'Blanket', were devastated by his passing, their aunt La Toya Jackson believes they got "closure" after getting permission to see their dad's corpse.

La Toya recalled: "I rushed into the hospital. And they took me upstairs to where my mother was, my mother there. And I walked in the room, and there she was sitting, and all the kids.

"Michael's kids were sitting on her lap just crying, just crying. And it was the worst thing I had ever seen or experienced in my life

"The kids demanded to see him. We all went in to see him. And we all held hands. And we all prayed to him. And we all just said all of our special thanks to him, what he's done for the world and for his family and the whole bit, and how much we loved him, and brushing his hair, wiping his face.

"And the minute it was done, the nurse felt that it was enough for everybody to be there, which was quite awhile. The kids walked out. And they never cried again. I never saw them shed a tear after that. It was closure for them."

Michael's children are now in the care of his mother Katherine and La Toya says they are "very happy" and enjoying life.

She added in an interview on CNN show 'Piers Morgan Tonight': "The kids are doing very well. They are very happy. They enjoy their life. They enjoy just doing what they've never really had a chance to do, because my brother kept them really, really just confined to the house, and home schooling and the whole bit.

Now they're going to well, a private public school, of course, but it's public as long as you're not at home.

"My mother doing a great job, fabulous job. I see the kids all the time.

"I try to go to my mother's house every Sunday and visit the kids and see how they're doing. I speak to them all the time and we text back and forth. And just call each other and see how they're doing, making sure their grades are fine and they are doing good in school. And they are."