Michael Jackson's fans are to be allowed into his burial site to pay tribute to him on the anniversary of his death.

Plans are expected to be finalised this week to allow admirers of the 'Thriller' star - who died of acute Propofol intoxication on June 25 2009 - into Forest Lawn Memorial Park, in Glendale, Los Angeles, following pleas from the late singer's family.

Glendale Police Sergeant Tom Lorenz said: "We understand that Forest Lawn is working with the Jackson family for some kind of commemoration. We will be working closely with Forest Lawn to ensure the safety of those who want to pay their respects to Michael Jackson while ensuring the safety of others who are coming to the cemetery to pay respects to their loved ones."

However, fans will not be given access to the Great Mausoleum, where the singer was interred last September and is also the final resting place of other showbiz legends including Clark Gable and Jean Harlow.

Sgt. Lorenz added: "Basically, they will be viewing it from a distance."

Michael's brother Randy revealed last month he was hoping fans would be allowed to pay their respects at the cemetery.

He tweeted: "I'm meeting with Forest Lawn and the City of Glendale. Although they have strict rules, I'll do my best 2 see if fans can visit and pay their respects beyond the gates of Forest Lawn, on the 25th. I will inform you all soon. (sic)"

The area where Michael is buried is normally off limits to non-family members and Randy's intentions have infuriated the families of other people laid to rest there.

Clark Gable III - the grandson of the legendary actor - said the mausoleum "wouldn't be as sacred" if just anyone could go inside.