Michael Jackson's $900 million (Gbp562.5 million) art collection is at the centre of a legal wrangle between his estate executives and a longtime pal.
The Thriller hitmaker's vault features many of Jackson's own never-before-seen designs and sketches, which he completed before his death in 2009. However, the singer's former manager and spokesperson, Dr. Tohme Tohme, has allegedly already struck a deal to give the entire collection to Jackson's former friend and teacher, Australian artist Brett-Livingstone Strong.
America's Star magazine has obtained a letter Tohme wrote to Strong on Jackson estate letterhead in 2008, which details the business deal and gives the artist ownership of all the singer's work - free of charge.
Tohme wrote, "Michael wants you to know he is truly grateful for the loyalty you have shown him over the years, and he views this as a small token of appreciation for your continued friendship and artistic partnership."
But, Jackson's estate executives were unaware of the transaction and now believe the agreement may have been a fake, since the King of Pop's own signature is missing from the document.
And Katherine, Jackson's mum, is eager to settle the matter so her late son's work can be made available for all to see: "I think his fans will want to see them, because it was part of him. Michael was always drawing or doing art. Now people are telling us the collection is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and all these people are trying to buy it."