Michael Jackson died exactly two years ago to the day, and the manslaughter case surrounding his death has now taken another twist. DR CONRAD MURRAY, who Michael Jackson was using to source his bizarre cocktail of drugs, today rejected a plea bargain, TMZ understands. Jackson died from an overdose of the drug propofol, a hypnotic agent usually only used on coma patients, and Murray was the supplier. TMZ went on to say that the L.A. County District Attorney was not planning to offer a plea bargain in any case, regardless of Murray's wishes. His defence centres around the notion that he was not in the room when Jackson took the drug, with his Council claiming that Murray left the room, and Jackson administered the fatal overdose to himself, in a desperate attempt to get some sleep.

La Toya Jackson, in her new book 'Starting Over', claims that Michael feared he would be killed by people wanting to get access to his valuable music catalogue, and that he was being controlled by outside figures who cut him off from his family, reported ABC News. However, La Toya doesn't blame Murray, insisting that he is just the 'fall guy', and that Michael's death was part of a larger conspiracy to wrest Jackson's estate away from him. She said; "This is definitely something that was premeditated, that they had planned to do, and they planned to take my brother out, and my brother knew it, and that's why my brother told me repeatedly, repeatedly and repeatedly, that this was going to happen to him." The trial is set for September and Murray has been charged with involuntary manslaughter.