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What the HELL. The way I loved Michael if there was any women in his life it would had been me. and he didn't even know me. who is this crazy women? I wouldn't dare make up a crazy story like that. I wouldn't be going to court trying to get money Hell all i would be doing is remembering and enjoying the time we was together. That would had been a dream for a lifetime.

Posted 3 years 2 weeks ago by Cincy

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where is your signed contract with MJ?? this woman is a dumb ass as you can tell!!! she needs to be countersued!!!!

Posted 3 years 3 weeks ago by zen2580

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How pathetic can you get.....what a lie!!!!!!

Posted 3 years 3 weeks ago by rockin robin

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Here we go again! Another coward after Michael's money that didn't have the courage to come forward and sue while he was alive, why? because there is no truth to thier claims. This is a waste of both the estates and courts time and again will be thrown out and Kimberly Griggs, you will be in the same catagory of all the rest of the leaches who tried to gain from Michael's death, shame on you!

Posted 3 years 4 weeks ago by Kimber

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