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michael jackson was killed by conrad murray m.d. guess he was hired to do it!! we want the truth to come out from the family and all those involved "the knowers" so if michael is dead where is his body "for sure" everything around his death seems to be faked! MJ was into health food so why would he take drugs? maybe the doctor killed him when he was asleep? conrad murray is guilty of first degree murder in my opinion and we want to know where the security tapes they got rid of!! tired of the wannabes theirs not any good artists out there and tired of the vegas show coming up "all about michael !! but he wont be there! they all are trying to make money on MJ so sick!! we want justice for the man who killed michael jackson !!!

Posted 4 years 2 weeks ago by zen2580

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i wonder how much money they will get????I hope they (the executors) won't get anything!! Michael's kids should get everything.Branca was fired by Michael before his death so I am still wondering why he is still with Michael's estate. I don't trust them.

Posted 4 years 2 weeks ago by reniatko

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Keep pushin', Branca and McCain. This may be a hard sell but it's worth a try.

Posted 4 years 2 weeks ago by corlista

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