Brett Nichols, a teen at Pitman High School in Turlock, California, is probably waking up to a whole boat load of social media messages this morning. A video has emerged of a young guy absolutely nailing a re-creation of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean dance. I mean, this is step-perfect. This is better than Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson

The performance, which starts at around 1.10 mark in the linked video below, has all the right leg kicks, precise movements, finger-snapping and fancy footwork. Oh, and he won the talent competition.

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The video is quickly going viral and has already amassed 2.4 million views in a day (8 million overall). It was pretty great timing from the teen, whose performance comes at the same time that Jackson is back in the charts with a No.2 debut on the Billboard 200 list. His single Love Never Felt So Good rocketed into the Top 10 of the Hot 100 chart.

"This is something that really inspires me, and then it was later I thought, 'Why isn't this something I can't do?'" the California teen said during an radio interview before his performance. He explained that YouTube was a major source of finding old clips of Jackson. 

"YouTube came around and you could find all the videos and songs I remembered hearing," Nichols said.

Meanwhile, Jackson's hologram made an appearance at this year's Billboard Music Awards. The singer who died in 2009, was the top-selling artist that year, selling 8.3 million albums. His documentary "This Is It" - documenting preparations for his London residency - became the highest-grossing concert film ever.

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