Michael Jackson reportedly called out for his father on the night he died.

The pop legend - who passed away on June 25 after suffering a suspected cardiac arrest - was desperate to see dad Joe Jackson as he was convinced his aides weren't looking after his finances and wanted to call off his 50 comeback shows in London.

Referring to a phone call Michael - who was due to start his mammoth residency at The O2 arena on July 13 - took in the early hours on the day he died, his biographer Ian Halperin said: "He got in a shouting match about finances. That was when Michael said he was calling off the tour. He said some advisers didn't care about his welfare. I've been told he was crying.

"He demanded an aide call his father. He said his father was the only person who could 'clean up the mess.' "

Ian also claims the 50-year-old star - who had allegedly been given the anaesthetic Propofol and powerful painkiller Demerol on the day of his death - spent his final 12 hours writing frightening poetry while in a drug-induced breakdown at the Los Angeles mansion he had been staying at.

He alleged: "He was as high as a kite. What he wrote was dark, sort of frightening. The poems were found, hanging in his room on strings. He was over The Edge.

"Michael was cracking up. He had been injecting himself for over 12 hours, he said for excruciating pain. He begged to see his father but was told they couldn't get hold of him.

"If Joe Jackson had seen him that night, I believe Michael would still be alive."

He alleges when Michael was refused his request, he ordered his physician Dr. Conrad Murray to give him drugs to "put him out".

Meanwhile, Michael's friend Mark Lester claims he was misquoted over stories he is the biological father of the singer's 11-year-old daughter Paris.

A source said: "His words have been twisted around. He's not claiming to be the father of Paris Jackson."

Reports which surfaced yesterday (09.08.09) claimed Mark had donated his sperm so Michael could become a father.