Finally, after Michael Jackson’s wrongful death trial, the plaintiff – Jackson’s mother, Katherine – took the stand to testify this Friday. Jackson called the trial “the most difficult” thing she’s ever faced in her 83 years. "The most difficult thing is to sit here in this court and listen to all the bad things they've said about my son," she said when she took the stand, according to New York Daily News "None of the things are the truth."

Michael Jackson, Press Conference
Katherine Jackson's deposition focused mostly on Michael's character.

Jackson’s testimony was focused on the emotional side of the trial – the reasons behind her $1 billion lawsuit and Michael’s character more than the actual circumstances of his death. She said Michael shared a mattress on a triple bunk bed with his brothers, wore second-hand shoes from the Salvation Army and danced to everything, including the rhythmic sound of the family's "old and rusted" washing machine.

Michael Jackson, O2 Arena, London
She implied that her son had been tired of performing.

"He'd be down there dancing, sucking his bottle to the squeaky old washer," she recalled for the attorneys. An important part of her deposition, however, was Katherine’s testimony about jokes her son was making, saying how “he didn’t want to be moonwalking at 50.” While this could be used as evidence that he was pressured by AEG, TMZ also hints at another possibility – it could serve to lower the payment to Katherine, by proving that Jackson’s performing days were running out anyway, meaning he was not such an asset to the company. It’s a brutal truth, but seems plausible. Unfortunately, it looks like the final decision of lawyers doing rhetorical backflips in the end.

Michael Jackson, Press Conference
Once again, it could go either way.