Michael Jackson's brother JERMAINE doesn't feel guilty about the late star's death - because there was nothing he could have done to prevent the tragedy.
The Jackson family was stunned when they discovered the Thriller hitmaker was dabbling with prescription drugs, and they rallied around the King of Pop to support him through his problems.
Jackson passed away in June (09) after suffering a cardiac arrest, allegedly caused by an overdose of powerful anaesthetic Propofol.
But Jermaine is adamant there was nothing the family could have done to prevent his passing.
He tells U.S. TV host Larry King, "There's no guilt. I don't like the word drugs... There was prescriptions that weren't good for him. I just don't like the word drugs because that's so vague. That's so broad. And there's all kinds - types of drugs. But I'll say that Michael is in safe keepings now... There was nothing that we could do."