Fan mementos left outside the former Motown Records studio in Detroit, Michigan in tribute to Michael Jackson are to be buried in a cemetery.
Hundreds of mourners flocked to what is now the Motown Historical Museum - the site of the studio where the Jackson 5 used to record - after the singer's sudden death on 25 June (09) to leave flowers, letters, soft toys and other tributes to the King of Pop.
Museum officials kept the items safe as they waited for instructions from the Jackson family as to what to do with the collection of gifts.
But they subsequently decided to bury the lot and make their own memorial to the Thriller hitmaker in the local Woodlawn Cemetery.
Two hearses arrived on Friday morning (17Jul09) to take the gifts to the burial ground, where they will be placed in two donated plots.
A few words and prayers will be held at the site before the burial.
Jackson himself has yet to be laid to rest - reports suggest his body is being held in a secure vault in a mystery location after being moved from ex-Motown Records boss Berry Gordy's private crypt at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in the Hollywood Hills.
He is expected to be buried once autopsy results, which have been delayed for another two weeks, are complete.