The British doctor Michael Jackson tried to hire as his personal physician has confirmed reports former child star Mark Lester donated his sperm to the King of Pop as he tried for a second child.
Oliver! star Lester recently went public with claims he could be the biological father of Jackson's daughter Paris - because he handed over his semen to his pop star pal in the year leading up to the 11 year old's birth.
Lester flew to America with his 15-year-old daughter Harriet last week (ends21Aug09) to show off the resemblance between her and Paris.
And now Dr. Susan Etok, a longtime consultant to Jackson, has backed up his story, telling news show Entertainment Tonight he was among the sperm donors Michael used to impregnate his second wife Debbie Rowe.
Etok says, "Michael really like the fact that he (Lester) had good genes."
Despite ongoing speculation, Jackson repeatedly dismissed reports he was not the biological father of all three of his kids; Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael II.
But Lester told America's Today show, "Michael was very shy when it came to women and he confided in me that he had found it very difficult to do the sexual act. I just jokingly said, 'Well look, Michael, if you don't wanna do it, maybe I'll do it for you.'"