LMFAO Dj/producer Goonrock will be calling on old school friendships if Will.I.AM ever decides to dust down the tracks he recorded with Michael Jackson in the final years of the pop superstar's life - because he has always dreamed of working with the King of Pop.
The Party Rock Anthem hitmaker and Lmfao star RedFoo went to the same Los Angeles junior high school as will.i.am and he's hoping his old pal calls him if her ever reconsiders releasing the Jackson sessions.
The Black Eyed Peas star insists the songs he recorded with the Thriller singer will only be released if Jackson's mother Katherine asks him to put them out - and GoonRock wants to be there when he's editing and dubbing.
He tells WENN, "That would be amazing. Michael Jackson had such a big influence on me and me and RedFoo, all we ever talked about was Michael Jackson growing up. He got to go to all the concerts and he brought me back an autograph when I was in sixth grade. That would be a dream come true."