Officials at the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office have dismissed Internet reports suggesting they are gearing up to charge Michael Jackson's personal physician DR. CONRAD MURRAY with manslaughter.
One report suggests Murray, who was living with the King of Pop when he died in June (09), will be accused of killing the pop star in the next two weeks.
But the District Attorney's office authorities insist the story is "completely and totally false". reported on Wednesday (19Aug09) that the doctor, who has been interviewed several times by authorities, would face criminal charges due to his alleged involvement in the King of Pop’s death.
The story surfaced 24 hours after Dr. Murray filmed a one-minute video, professing his innocence and thanking patients and friends for their support, and posted it on website
Murray has been a person of interest ever since Jackson died on 25 June (09). Investigators have been looking into whether Murray gave the pop star the anaesthetic Propofol in the hours before his death.