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MJ didn't trust her. She volunteered to carry children for him, since his wife Lisa Marie refused to. He wanted children just that bad. He married her to please his mom and his religious beliefs which states he has to be the husband of the women who bares his children. He proves he did not want Debbie to be the parent to neither child because not only did she take money to sign them away, there was no mention of her in the will on purpose. Paris had better watch what she is asking for, because if her life turns away from what she has gotten used to and all of a sudden she is on a working horse farm without all the extras, she may run back to Ms. Katherine begging for forgiveness. Prince considered Paris to be a backstabber by running to Debbie against all of MJ's wishes and that was the big blowout she has been having with her brother. He doesn't want to have anything to do with Debbie and I hope he doesn't change, because of what Paris' has done because he is afraid she will do it again and succeed, which would really be wrong and terrible and that will be another problem. Debbie now claims she is willing to take all three children. Oh really! I guess for the money she will become Blanket's mother too!

Posted 3 years 1 month ago by YANNI54

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That woman would only agree to take over custody of Paris because of her age...3 more years and she won't need a guardian. I bet if she were 5 instead of 15 she wouldn't be so eager!! I've never liked D.R. and I've never thought she was someone that Michael should have trusted so much!! But, I do wish Paris all the best and I hope she can be happy with whatever she decides to do!!!!

Posted 3 years 1 month ago by rockin robin

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