Conrad Murray's lawyer has filed documents in a California appeals court in a bid to overturn the medic's involuntary manslaughter conviction, relating to the death of Michael Jackson, as he prepares to walk free from prison later this year (13).

Murray is currently serving a four-year term behind bars after he was found guilty of administering the fatal dose of Propofol which led to the King of Pop's death in 2009, weeks before he was due to kick off his mammoth This Is It residency in London.

The embattled physician, who pleaded not guilty to the manslaughter charge, previously insisted he would fight the verdict to clear his name and his legal representative, Valerie Wass, has now filed a series of appellate briefs in the California Second District Court of Appeal to argue her client's case.

In her latest filing on Wednesday (10Jul13), she claimed jurors should have been allowed to view Jackson's contract with concert promoters Aeg Live during the trial in order to understand the pressures the singer faced to perform the 50 shows and consider Murray's argument that the Thriller hitmaker had self-administered the drugs which killed him, even though witnesses had testified during the case that it was the doctor who had administered painkillers and anaesthetics.

Wass writes, "Admission of the contract or evidence of its terms was necessary to show what was at stake for Jackson if he could not meet his contractual obligations, which was pertinent to establish his state of mind which may have explained his conduct on the day he died, and supported the defense theory of the case."

In the documents, Wass also repeated her previous concerns about Judge Michael Pastor's refusal to sequester the jury and ban Tv cameras from the courtroom, suggesting the "unprecedented fame of Jackson" and the heavy media coverage ruined any chances of Murray receiving a fair trial.

According to the attorney, Murray is due for release on 27 October (13).

Wass' appeal filings come as a separate lawsuit rages between the Jackson family and Aeg Live executives over allegations of wrongful death. The singer's mum Katherine and his three children are seeking damages amid claims promoters failed to recognise the superstar was seriously ill in the weeks leading up to his passing. The Jacksons also claim Aeg bosses were responsible for hiring Murray to look after their famous client.

The wrongful death trial has entered its 46th day.