Dr Conrad Murray, the man accused of the involuntarily manslaughter of Michael Jackson in 2009, has been released from prison after serving less than two years of a four year sentence. Murray was convicted in 2011 and had his medical licence suspended (it has been revoked in three states) following the court case, however his original sentence was cut short following a recent change to California state law.

Conrad Murray
His early release can be accredited to the overcrowding of California stae prisons

According to Fox News, who confirmed Murray's release on Monday, 28 October, Jackson's former doctor was released early in part due to good behaviour and also because of the increasingly overcrowded prison system. The time Murray spent behind bars prior to his trial was also given as a factor towards his early release. Murray also spent the entirety of his conviction in a county jail house, rather than a state penitentiary, as California continues to struggle with it's overcrowded prisons.

Now that Murray is free, there are reportedly plans for him to launch an appeal against his conviction, and may also look to regain his medical licence too. As far as TMZ are concerned, Murray is going to use his newfound freedom to cash in and launch a career as a celebrity.

The website claims to have spoken to a number of close sources and confidants of the recently released doc, all of whom say that Murray has been thinking only about one thing while he was sat behind bars: cold hard cash. The sources claim that Murray has used his time behind bars to pen his memoirs, which contain a hefty chunk of information about his time with the late King of Pop, and they should be finished any time now. The report states that now he is out of prison, Murray is on a mission to get his work published and perhaps further his career in celeb-land even further.

The report from TMZ goes on to state that Murray is open to the idea of starring in his own reality series too, one that follows him as he tries to return to normal life after being in prison. As it stands, Murray has yet to receive any kind of book deal or call from TV producers, although we expect them to soon come calling.

Conrad Murray trial
'Keeping Up With The Murrays' could be a hit