On Wednesday (Jan 15th) a California court denied Dr Conrad Murray to overturn of his conviction in the case of Michael Jackson's death.

The disgraced doctor, who was the pop icon's personal physician, was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in 2011.

Murray gave Jackson an overdose of the powerful anesthetic propofol as a sleeping aid in June 2009 while the 'Thriller' singer was preparing for a series of comeback concerts called, 'This Is It'.

The convicted Grenada-born Conrad was released from prison, after serving two years of a 4 year prison sentence, this past October (2013) and still maintains that he is innocent.

The grounds in which the 60 year-old appealed was that he claimed some of the jurors, in the 2011 trial, were excluded from hearing key evidence.

The California 2nd District Court of Appeal, which was overseen by a three-judge panel, concluded that Murray's conviction should be upheld and Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor made the right decision in handing him the maximum four year prison sentence.

Their ruling claims the doctor's "callous disregard for Mr. Jackson's health and safety was shown throughout the trial from the manner in which he administered a number of dangerous drugs to Mr. Jackson without the appropriate medical equipment, precautions or personnel in place, and to the manner in which he left Mr. Jackson unattended," (via Associated Press).

Their unanimous opinion summarised that, "The evidence demonstrated that Mr. Jackson was a vulnerable victim and that (Murray) was in a position of trust, and that (Murray) violated the trust relationship by breaching standards of professional conduct in numerous respects."

Since the conviction, Murray's medical licence has been suspended and he no longer practises medicine.

Conrad Murray
Dr Conrad Murray lost his appeal against his 2011 conviction