Rarely does a film like Screwed come across my desk: a film so utterly easy to insult, from its title on in, that writing the review is an absolute piece of cake. Somehow, the producers of this film chose the title Screwed over such options as Ballbusted, Foolproof, and Pittsburgh, probably hoping to attract a teenage crowd with its would-been-risque-if-not-for-the-likes-of-S.F.W. title and its screwball Norm-MacDonald-needs-better-work antics. Sadly, this marketing technique will probably succeed and result in, well, a lot of people feeling screwed.

Screwed concerns a butler (Norm MacDonald) and a chicken wing vendor (David Chapelle) who team up to try to, well, screw a bitter old hag out of five million dollars. Needless to say, the plan goes south, and the two have to run all over Pittsburgh (which is obviously not really Pittsburgh) to get away with their perfect crime. Norm sleeps with some girl in a bit part that should have been bigger, David convinces good old Norm to fake his death with the help of a mortician (Danny DeVito), and all the while we watch the hag bitch and gripe, not really caring

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