Things have moved quickly for Michael J Fox 's new sitcom in recent weeks. The single-camera comedy was announced earlier this month, but it's already been snapped up by NBC in what was described as a furious bidding war.
The network offered Fox and his team something almost unheard of in modern day television - a promise to air all 22 episodes of the show, without having seen the pilot. The actor - who left Spin City in 2000 - said he was "excited to get to work" , with the as-yet-untitled sitcom scheduled for fall 2013. In recent years, the actor - who suffers from Parkinson's disease - has returned to television with guest roles in Boston Legal, Scrubs, The Good Wife and Curb Your Enthusiasm. It's Larry David's award winning show that may have influenced Michael J Fox's latest project. The show will reportedly be based on the actor's own life, and his struggles with his disease. Though Larry David plays himself on 'Curb', the shows may well boast similarities, and Nbc certainly think Fox has something up his sleeve. The show was hunted by all of the major networks, with the eventual victor having to offer an unprecedented deal to land the sitcom.
The show will reportedly see Fox as a father of three in New York, though further details are being kept safely under wraps. We certainly can't wait!