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'Game Of Thrones': Censorship In China & Criticism From 'Vikings' Creator

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Game of Thrones has made headlines again and, for the second week in a row, it's not good news for the hit HBO series. The show has been criticised by the Masters of Sex cast, condemned by the creator of the History channel series Vikings and has been censored in China.

Game of Thrones
Lizzy Caplan, of Masters of Sex, claimed GoT is simply about sex and dragons.

The criticism of sex scenes and the highly sexualised content of the fantasy series, based on the novels by George R.R. Martin, has been the primary focus of commentators. The cast of Masters of Sex - Lizzy Caplan and Michael Sheen - referred to GoT whilst describing the importance of intimacy in their show's sex scenes as The Huffington Post reports.. Appearing at the TV Academy Panel last week, Caplan said: "Our show is about sex and intimacy whereas other shows are about other things, maybe dragons. No disrespect at all, but it does feel at times that it's like, time out dragons, let's watch these people get it on with each other."

Caplan's comments have been echoed by Michael Hirst, creator of Vikings, who claimed GoT was simply "soft porn". Hirst was asked by Time about the comparison between his show and GoT and he responded by condemning the show. Although Hirst claimed the series is "well written" and that it is "very popular", he also stated GoT "is a very, very different show." He further emphasised the differences between Vikings and GoT, stating GoT "is a fantasy show, and it has a lot of things which are very appealing to an audience. It is soft porn, and it has a lot of gratuitous stuff in it."

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Elizabeth: The Golden Age Review

Of the more than 15 sequels already released this year, Shekhar Kapur's Elizabeth: The Golden Age is by no means the most unnecessary (that remains a three-way tie between Evan Almighty, Rush Hour 3, and Are We Done Yet?), though it could be considered the most improbable.

For one thing, historical costume dramas rarely spawn second chapters, particularly ones that struggle to make back their production budgets. Kapur's critically acclaimed original Elizabeth earned multiple Oscar nominations but was largely overshadowed (at the ceremony and in the public eye) by John Madden's opposing Golden Age tryst Shakespeare in Love.

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Elizabeth Review

Seeing Elizabeth on the day of the impeachment of President Clinton was a bit strange, but it did put things in perspective.

450 years ago, no one would've thought a thing about a little intern boinking. Today, that's obviously big news, and it should have made the sexual, political, and religious escapades of Elizabeth all the more thrilling.

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Uncovered Review

Once upon a time, Kate Beckinsale used to star in movies that weren't crappy vampire stories.

The good news is that in these movies of old, she was often naked.

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The Deceivers Review

File under unlikely.

Remember the bad guys in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? Those were the Thuggee, worshippers of Kali who happily assassinated and robbed their prey in the early 1800s. Here, a young British officer (Pierce Brosnan) uncovers Thuggees working in colonial India.

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