Michael Fassbender thinks actors sleep around because there is "more of a buffet of choice".

The 'Shame' actor can understand why so many people in his profession are promiscuous because of the loneliness that comes with travelling so much and the appeal that success and status offers other people.

He said: "You're travelling around a lot and perhaps lonely and you want some kind of connection again.

"You're in a position where people treat you differently. Maybe a lot of people are in denial and think that it's down to their looks and their charm that a lot of women proposition them, but the fact of the matter is they are living what appears to be an attractive lifestyle. Your opportunities are multiplied again, so there's more of a buffet of choice."

Michael is aware of his "weaknesses" and tries to stay in control - though he thinks he could go "crazy" at any point.

He added to GQ magazine: "I'm not immune to anything but I'm aware of my weaknesses and the beast within. Like anything, if you feed it enough times, it starts to take control. That thing of being seduced, you've just got to be careful.

"But that's no guarantee I'm not going to go crazy and destroy the sweetshop."