Lenny Abrahamson’s ‘Frank’ has been warmly received by the critics who have praised the film’s endearing characters and strange brand of comedy. And you’ve probably noticed that Frank (Michael Fassbender) himself wears a pretty big mask, which was both freeing in one sense, but claustrophobic in another.

FrankFor Fassbender, wearing the mask was easy when he knew how

"I just put the head on and the rest did itself,” explained Fassbender on wearing the instantly recognisable mask. "I wanted to really embody the character physically and there was a lot to do there. Sometimes with a head on that's animated, it's better to do smaller movements or no movements than be more expressive, funnily enough, and that just sort of happened through trial and error,” he added.  "But it was sort of freeing when you're wearing a mask like that. It's kind of fun."

The film has garnered an 81% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, which the critics saying things like, “Off-beat and punk-spirited, Sievey would no doubt approve of the tone and style of this movie (The Daily Telegraph). But it wasn’t all artistic freedom for Fassbender. “It was kind of weird in the beginning,” he explained to The Guardian. 

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“The way it sits on your head. You feel a little bit vulnerable because you've not much peripheral vision. You can't hear that well either. But it's quite liberating as well, in the way that masks are. It's amazing how many emotions that face manages to convey. It can look vulnerable, it can look sinister, at times it looks confused.”

‘Frank’ is out in the U.K on the 9th of May.