Movie veteran Michael Douglas has fond memories of the shower scene in classic chiller PSYCHO - because he used to watch outtakes featuring a naked Janet Leigh.

Michael's movie star dad Kirk Douglas had got his then 16-year-old son a job working at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS in 1960 as Alfred Hitchcock was shooting one of his most famous films.

Cheeky Michael used the opportunity to sneak into the editing room to watch footage of the nude actress.

Michael told American TV show CENTERSTAGE, "This was the time Hitchcock was making Psycho.

"Every lunchtime, we'd go to the commissary, get our little lunch bags and then head on down to the Psycho editing room to look at all the outtakes of Janet Leigh in the shower.

"We'd be sitting there, eating sandwiches, going, 'Stop it there!' Wow!'"

27/11/2003 17:20