Michael Douglas has refused his ex-wife's offer to postpone their ongoing court case.

The Hollywood actor's ex-wife Diandra Douglas - who is suing the star for a share of his salary from new movie 'Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps' - made the gesture after the actor was diagnosed with throat cancer earlier this month, but the 65-year-old star refused.

A friend of the Hollywood icon told New York Post's page six: "If Diandra really wanted to be sympathetic, she would withdraw this bogus lawsuit."

After the couple divorced in 2000, they agreed a settlement which allowed Diandra to receive a share of the money he made from his movies while they were together - so far earning her $6.3 million - but she claims that she should receive money from 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' as it revives the character Gordon Gecko, who Michael played in 1987.

Diandra's lawyer Nancy Cemtob said: "My client is not greedy. The exact opposite is true. Mr. Douglas is seeking to shirk his financial responsibility that was entered into when he signed this contract."

Michael - who now has two children with his wife, Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones - is now set to undergo eight weeks of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment for a tumour on his throat.