Michael Douglas thinks Catherine Zeta Jones is ''more beautiful than ever''.

The 68-year-old 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' star - who has been married to the 'Side Effects' actress for 12 years with who he shares son Dylan, 12, and daughter Carys, nine, - says he supports the 43-year-old Welsh star with everything because she is ''simply the best''.

He told People.com: ''Catherine and I are doing well. She is more beautiful than ever inside and out. I support her with everything and she is simply the best.''

Meanwhile, Michael claims he isn't an ''over-protective dad'' and has already given his youngest son dating advice despite being scared to see him grow up.

He said: ''I'm trying to digest it all, and I'm just trying to remember what it's like to be in a teenage romance. And what I remember scares me as a father!

''I'm not the over-protective dad. Dylan is a great kid and I trust him. He's having fun and conducting himself very well.''

The Oscar winner also insisted he doesn't try to push his son to date certain girls but is impressed by his choices.

He said: ''I don't have much say in it. I keep my mouth shut. But I like his choices so far.

''Unsolicited advice is a hostile gesture. I remembered that from a long time ago. But I want him to know to always be polite and respectful. Just don't try too hard. If he asks me for specific advice, I'll have a long talk with him.''

The actor's eldest son Cameron, 34, from his previous marriage to Diandra Morrell Douglas - who is serving a 10-year sentence for drug dealing - was moved to an isolated cell last after failing a drug test at the federal prison in Loretto, Pennsylvania.