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Absolute Brightness Of Leonard Pelkey - Arrivals

Michael Cunningham - Opening night for The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey at the Westside Theatre - Arrivals. at Westside Theatre, - New York City, New York, United States - Tuesday 28th July 2015

Michael Cunningham
Michael Cunningham

After 20 Years, Robert De Niro, Meryl Streep Reunite For 'The Good House'

Robert De Niro Meryl Streep Michael Cunningham

Twenty years since their last movie role together, Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep - two giants of Hollywood - are to reunite for an adaptation of Ann Leary's novel The Good House.

The darkly comic tale is told through the eyes of Hildy Good (Streep), a New York realtor and recovering alcoholic whose life begins to fall apart when she forms a new friendship with Rebecca McCallister. 

As Rebecca becomes the subject of town gossip, Hildy rekindles her friendship with old flame Frank Getchell (De Niro) a straight talking Yankee who tries to uncomplicated her life.

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Michael Cunningham

Novelist Michael Cunningham, screenwriter David Hare share a passion for Virginia Woolf & the film that came of their work

(Some questions in this interview have come from another journalist present for the Q&A.)

Novelist Michael Cunningham, author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning "The Hours," and screenwriter David Hare, who adapted the book into a film, are an interestingly mismatched pair. Although clearly on the same wavelength creatively -- as evidenced by their joint enthusiasm for the story that connects them -- Hare is a rather proper British intellectual in his 50s, whereas 40-something American Cunningham has the well-dressed but roughshod-featured look of a action movie bad guy with piercing eyes and a wicked grin.

At first glance he's hardly a fellow you'd imagine writing a century-spanning novel about how the lives of three women are deeply affected by Virginia Woolf's "Mrs. Dalloway." But when Cunningham speaks -- especially about Woolf herself -- it's with such a poetic passion that his emotional kinship with his characters radiates through his jagged facade.

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The Opening Night Performance Of The Broadway Play 'Pygmalion' At The American Airlines Theatre - Outside Arrivals

Michael Cunningham Thursday 18th October 2007 The Opening Night performance of the Broadway play 'Pygmalion' at the American Airlines Theatre - outside arrivals New York City, USA

Michael Cunningham
Michael Cunningham

Evening Review

Evening enjoys prestigious name recognition. It is based on a novel by Susan Minot, and adapted by Michael Cunningham, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Hours. The movie's cast is Dream Team caliber, from Meryl Streep, Glenn Close, and Vanessa Redgrave to Claire Danes and Toni Collette. And it marks Lajos Koltai's anticipated second film.


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The Cinema Society Hosts The New York Premiere Of 'Evening' Held At The Chelsea West Theatre - Arrivals

Michael Cunningham Tuesday 12th June 2007 The Cinema Society hosts the New York Premiere of 'Evening' held at the Chelsea West Theatre - Arrivals New York City, USA

Michael Cunningham
Michael Cunningham
Michael Cunningham

Richardson Demanded A Scene With Her Mum

Natasha Richardson Michael Cunningham

Natasha Richardson only agreed to appear in new movie EVENING if writer/director Michael Cunningham agreed to write her into a scene with her mother.
The British actress plays her real-life mum Vanessa Redgrave's daughter in the film and was upset when she realised she wouldn't share a scene with the veteran thespian.
She says, "When they offered me the part there was no scene with my mother and I was like, `You have a unique opportunity here. You've got to take advantage. If I do this with my mom, this is the one shot deal and we have to have a moment, and I think it makes sense for the story.'
"I said, 'If you write a scene for the two of us, then I'll do the movie,' and so Michael wrote that scene."
Richardson admits parts of the film were extra tough because the movie focuses on the last days of a dying woman, played by her own mum.
She adds, "It's incredibly painful to watch your own real mother lying in that bed and being so convincingly ill. It makes me project all sorts of things... This will probably be the first and last time we play mother and daughter, which is why it was so special. I can't imagine that anyone would ask us to do it again."

A Home At The End Of The World Review

An initially touching story that wilts under its own insignificance, A Home at the End of the World is the second film to be adapted from a Michael Cunningham novel, following the footsteps of The Hours, a work that, for all its flaws, A Home can't even come close to. In an opening that veers wildly, and not unpleasantly, between adolescent melodrama and wildly unintended farce, we are given the suburban Cleveland childhood of two buddies, Bobby Morrow and Jonathan Glover. Bobby's eyes were opened to the world at age nine in the late 1960s, when his older brother Carlton introduced him to the joys of acid and hanging out in graveyards.

A few years later, after the deaths of both Carlton and his mother, Bobby is a puppy-eyed teenager who inherited Carlton's magnetic personality and utter lack of guile, which is what attracts another teen, the gawkier Jonathan, to him. After his dad dies, Bobby moves permanently into the Glover household as a sort of unofficial adopted brother to Jonathan - except that they're brothers who occasionally make out and smoke joints with Mrs. Glover (Sissy Spacek). The rather uptight Jonathan (he wears glasses and has braces, you see) can't handle Bobby's openness and is more than a little jealous of how eagerly her mother has embraced him into their family, and their romantic relationship stalls.

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Splatter University Review

What posessed Elite, known for releasing obscure and classic horror films, to reissue Splatter University on DVD I'll never know. The story is beyond awful, and the promise of co-eds getting slaughtered (as seen on the DVD case) doesn't even come to pass! Instead, we get a questionably Ivy League college with a teacher getting hunted by an escaped lunatic that we never get to see (until the end). But if you can't figure out his identity the first time he's on camera, well, maybe you're the one that deserves to be splattered next. Awful.

Colin Farrell's Wild New York Nights

Colin Farrell Robin Wright Michael Cunningham

Hunky actor Colin Farrell is living up to his wildman reputation with crazy nights out in New York in between shooting new movie HOME AT THE END OF THE WORLD

The Irish star is filming in New York's East Village, and has been dragging co-star Robin Wright PENN and director Michael Cunningham out for debauched nights.

The threesome were spotted at lap-dancing club SCORES on Monday night (26MAY03), where Colin asked for his favourite blonde dancers, EVELYN and VICTORIA. The tempting twosome were off-duty, so Farrell and friends had to settle for lap dances from other girls.

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Michael Cunningham

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Evening Movie Review

Evening Movie Review

Evening enjoys prestigious name recognition. It is based on a novel by Susan Minot, and...

A Home At The End Of The World Movie Review

A Home At The End Of The World Movie Review

An initially touching story that wilts under its own insignificance, A Home at the End...

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