Michael Buble fulfilled his random act of kindness quota on Thursday, by serenading weary passengers on the New York subway. The Canadian voice gave an a capella performance along with the group Naturally 7 and of course, the show managed to attract many more spectators than your average subway jam. Buble performed his song Who’s Loving You, off his latest album To Be Loved. And the love was definitely felt, even so early in the morning, with most of the passengers rushing for work, this was a nice way for the crooner to brighten up the New Yorkers’ day. And, since he released the album just last week, this also doubled as a clever way to sneak in some promotion, while he was at it.

Naturally, Buble dressed up for the occasion in a snazzy black suit and tie, impeccably prepared for all the inevitable photos and videos the crowd took of the performance. Afterwards, he talked about his love for the spirit of New York and impromptu subway performances. “Singing in the New York subway, that is when you know you’ve made it,” gushed Buble to the rest of the musicians after his performance. Well, we suppose that depends on your definition of making it. With several platinum albums behind him, however, Buble is certainly one singer, who can afford to perform for free, just to inject a little happiness into the lives of weary New Yorkers. If you feel like soaking in some of the NYC spirit, check out a video of the performance below.