Michael Buble is upset Morrissey doesn't rate his music.

The 37-year-old singer is a fan of the former Smiths frontman so was dismayed when he was described as ''meaningless'' by the 'Panic' hitmaker.

He said: ''Morrissey said once, 'Fire in the belly is essential, otherwise you become like Michael Buble - famous and meaningless.' I just thought, 'I wish I could be as successful as Morrissey'.''

The star's new album 'To Be Loved' features covers of classic songs and he says he always tries to include an old-fashioned element in his songs because he thinks it's more timeless and meaningful than mainstream pop.

Michael explained: ''There are songs on my new record written in the 1900s and we can still relate to them. I have to wonder whether much of today's pop music will be remembered.''

However, the singer joked he had no qualms about ''stealing'' elements from other people's songs and joked borrowing from several people was the best way to make good music.

He told The Guardian newspaper: ''Steal from as many people as possible. Rip off one person and you're a thief ... but if you steal from everyone, you can tell people it's research.''