Capping off his remarkable fall from grace, Michael Barrymore now works part-time at a garden centre in Brentwood, Essex. Yes, Brentwood, Essex of The Only Way Is Essex fame. The 60-year-old Strike It Lucky host can be regularly seen stacking shelves and wheeling around barrows full of muck, though he doesn't ask for a dime in return from the Tomlins centre.

"I don't get paid for it. I help out because I enjoy gardening," he told a stunned shopper, according to the Daily Mirror, "People come over and wish me well. Sometimes I walk around with them to show them the plants. I stack the shelves, and often I'm wheeling around heavy sacks of compost." The comedian works at the outlet three days a week and has become something of an attraction for local shoppers, helping them with what to look out for and checking stock levels. 

Barrymore had a reasonably successful career in television before it all came to an abrupt end when the body of 31-year-old Stuart Lubbock was found in the star's swimming pool. Lubbock died during a party in March, while Barrymore was placed at the centre of the police investigation though charges were never brought against anyone attending the bash. 

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