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Michael Apted's Son Dies From Cancer At 47

6th July 2014

The son of former Bond movie mastermind Michael Apted has lost his battle with colon cancer at the age of 47.Sound editor Paul Apted died in Los Angeles on Friday (04Jul14), according to The Hollywood...

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Fascinating Fact: 3404097

6th December 2012

Former Bond movie mastermind Michael Apted is to be honoured by the Director's Guild of America. He has been named the recipient of the Dga's 2013 Robert B. Aldrich Award for extraordinary service to the...

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Apted Jagger Blocked Release Of His Stones Film

27th August 2012

Famed British documentary filmmaker Michael Apted (he also directed the family drama The Chronicles of Narnia The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in 2010) has disclosed that Mike Jagger blocked the release of a feature...

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Historic Movie Studio Saved From Wrecking Ball

18th July 2012

Britain's famed Twickenham Studios has been saved. Twickenham -- where such films as the Beatles' Help and A Hard Day's Night were filmed (as well as such classics as The Private Life of Henry VIII,...

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Petition Calls For Overturning Iranian Director's Sentence

9th June 2011

Amnesty International on Wednesday headed a delegation to the Iran Mission to the United Nations that delivered a petition signed by more than 20,000 people calling for the reversal of the sentence meted out to...

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Movie Reviews Chronicles Of Narnia Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

10th December 2010

Like its predecessors, the latest Narnia movie, T he Voyage of the Dawn Treader , is being greeted with mixed reviews by critics. "20th Century Fox has taken up the franchise [from Disney] with largely...

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Apted's Doubts Over Future Of Narnia Franchise

7th December 2010

Director MICHAEL APTED fears it will be too difficult for movie bosses to take the NARNIA franchise any further - because the original books go "haywire" after THE VOYAGE OF THE DAWN TREADER.The Chronicles of...

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Fascinating Fact 3498

2nd July 2007

THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH filmmaker MICHAEL APTED has been re-elected as president of the Director's Guild Of America for a third consecutive two-year term....

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Apted To Direct Next Narnia Tale

21st June 2007

Enigma filmmaker MICHAEL APTED is taking over from ADAM ADAMSON to direct the third installment in THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA series. Disney Pictures and Walden Media announced on Wednesday (20Jun07) that Apted, 66, will direct...

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Apted Takes Over Reigns Of Narnia

19th April 2007

Oscar-winning film maker MICHAEL APTED will replace ANDREW ADAMSON as the director for the third installment of the CHRONICLES OF NARNIA movies. Shrek filmmaker Adamson directed 2005s The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch...

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Slave Trade Movie Criticised By Black Leaders

10th February 2007

Upcoming slave trade abolition movie AMAZING GRACE has been criticised for reducing the suffering of Africans to "a mere bit part". The British movie, directed by MICHAEL APTED, focuses on the life of abolitionist WILLIAM...

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Brokeback Mountain Wins Lee Dga Honour

29th January 2006

ANG LEE has won another award for BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN after his controversial movie was named Best Feature Film at the Directors Guild Of America (DGA) Awards last night (28JAN06). Brokeback Mountain is now the...

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Lopez Is No Diva, Says Shall We Dance? Director

8th October 2004

The director of JENNIFER LOPEZ's latest movie SHALL WE DANCE? has praised the Latino superstar for her professional work ethic during the filming of the romantic comedy. PETER CHELSOM was so concerned at J.Lo's...

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Nichols To Receive Dga Achievement Award

6th January 2004

OSCAR-winning director MIKE NICHOLS is the latest film-maker to be given the DIRECTORS GUILD OF AMERICA'S (DGA) LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD. When he receives the gong next month (FEB03), the 72-year-old German-born WORKING GIRL director...

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Binoche Tells Tales For Apted

28th August 2003

ENIGMA filmmaker MICHAEL APTED is to direct French beauty JULIETTE BINOCHE, LAURENCE FISHBURNE and GARY SINISE in a new film. SCHEHERAZADE is a loose reworking of 1001 ARABIAN NIGHTS, in which Binoche plays a...

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Antwone Fisher Among Humanitas Honours

11th July 2003

Sciptwriter ANTWONE FISHER and WHALE RIDER director NIKI CARO were among those honoured with HUMANITAS awards yesterday (10JUL03) for contributions to film and television. Antwone won a $25,000 (GBP15,600) prize at the Los Angeles...

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Juliette Binoche Can't Get Enough Of Hollywood

20th May 2003

French actress JULIETTE BINOCHE currently can't get enough of Hollywood - she will act in three American films before the end of 2003. The gorgeous ENGLISH PATIENT star is currently filming COUNTRY OF MY...

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