Last week reports surfaced that Mia had been entangled in a legal battle with the NFL over a raised middle finger. This week, the rapper/singer has a bone to pick with the organization too. MIA, real name Mathangi Arulpragasam posted a video, in which she explains and rejects the NFL claims against her, saying that she was just using her right to freedom of expression and “being punk rock.”

M.I.A., Danforth Music Hall
The performer has denied the NFL's accusations.

According to the artist, there are many other things in that performance that could have been considered offensive to the “family audience.” Most notably, she points out the backup dancers – according to her, cheerleadears from a local high school, all under 16 – thrusting their hips provocatively. M.I.A. claims that the NFL was simply using her as a scapegoat for the flack they’ve received over the entire performance.

“The NFL thing is completely ridiculous,” Arulpragasam says at the beginning of the video. “It’s been making me laugh for a while, but now it’s so boring I don’t even laugh anymore.”

M.I.A, Danforth Music Hall
She described the entire situation as "ridiculous."

While the accusations may be ridiculous, the NFL’s ultimatum is quite serious. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the organization is demanding $1.5 million from the artist for allegedly breaching the terms of her performance contract and tarnishing the organization’s good reputation with her behaviour.

In the full video, she claims that the NFL has drawn a line at her gesture, when in fact, the entire performance was on a slippery slope.

"So, now they've scapegoated me into figuring out the goalposts on what is offensive in America, like is my finger offensive? Or is an underage black girl, with her legs wide open, more offensive to the family audience?"

While this video and statement aren’t likely to have an effect on the outcome of the lawsuit, they represent M.I.A. finally speaking out on the charges revealed last week.

Madonna, Chime For Change Concert
The dancers, hired by Madonna, could be considered an equally big problem, she says.