Mia Wasikowska is reportedly in negotiations to take up the lead role in 'Stoker'.

The 'Kids Are All Right' star - who shot to fame after starring in Tim Burton's 2010 reimagining of 'Alice In Wonderland' - is believed to be involved in discussions with producers to assume the lead role, which was previously thought to be going to 'Never Let Me Go' actress Carey Mulligan.

According to Empire Online, with Carey is out of the picture Jodie Foster is also no longer appearing in the Fox Searchlight production, which follows the story of an eccentric teenager whose estranged uncle returns to the family after her father's death.

Ridley and Tony Scott's Scott Free company is to produce the movie, which was written by 'Prison Break' star Wentworth Miller under a pseudonym.

If the big screen thriller proves to be a box office hit, Wentworth already has another script prepared for a prequel to the film.

'Uncle Charlie' will explore an earlier period in the history of the family, which reportedly involves "secrets, lies and murder".