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Mexican Institute Of Sound Pinata Album

Mexican Institute Of Sound release 'Pinata' on Cooking With Vinyl records. This is certainly an interesting album. The style of production and ingenuity of samples reminds me of Mr Scruff but MIS represent a Latin version. In fact the blend of Latin sounds with funky beats are intelligently put together and border on genius. 'Pinata' is definitely original and the depth in the production will ensure this a long player.

There's so much colour, flavour and character in this album. It makes it all very playful and intriguing. It's not dangerous or dark more positive and fun. It very much spreads along the various different sounds of Latin music with modern day production done in a light and pleasing way that oozes intelligence. 'El Microphono' for example has that kinda' wacky vibe that Money Mark had on his solo albums yet super cool and positive. As a track like 'Katia, Tania, Paulina Y La Kim' is a very sophisticated track that is unusual but really works. It some ways that sums up the album. Most of lyrics are South American that gives it a world feel and really adds to the atmosphere of the album.

This is a great album and the more you hear it the more you pick up on the different levels MIS intelligently put together. It's certainly unique and they have created their own sound. It's sophisticated to the max and should be applauded. Very cool.

Tareck Ghoneim

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