Review of Nice And Blue (pt. Two) Single by mewithoutYou

Nice And Blue (pt. Two)
(Strange Addiction Records)
Single Review

mewithoutYou Nice And Blue (pt. Two) Single

Philadelphia four-piece mewithoutyou may have Christian inclinations but 'Nice And Blue' sounds like something you'd expect from the league of Satan, such is its vitriol and venom.

Coming on like a cross between At The Drive-In's more disembowelled moments and Les Savy Fav's recent rediscovery of all things tuneful, if slightly skewered, this is just one of many highlights of their recent 'Brother/Sister' long player and puts paid to any god-bothering stereotypes with neat abandon.

Don't tell Ozzy or the Norwegian Black Metal Society then, but the score here is simply God 1, The Devil 0.

Dom Gourlay

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