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Once again, so-called Metallica fans have disgraced us all by making a bogus petition, demanding that the band remasters the CD.Don't you f**king idiots get it? The real problem is the loudness war; the petition needs to be for the end of the loudness! Metallica's latest CD is only one of the latest example of a production trend which has been going on for years. 15,000 douchebags thought they were doing us all a favor by making one of their own favorite bands look bad. However, it only took one king douche to beat them all, Ted Jensen. "Oh, I'm just going to disown the Metallica CD, I get to slam my head against that brick wall everyday." You're slamming your head against soundwaves? Nice metaphor, but then again I guess that is what the king of douchebags does.Obviously I'm being an asshole, and I don't regret it. Stop turning on your own favorite bands because mixing techniques have changed over the years, something which has affected countless records. The Napster controversy is over, Lars Ulrich isn't a f**king antichrist, and Metallica's chops are strong. Go ahead, be an asshole to me because I'm being an asshole. That's the way the conditional human being works. Try to make me look like a hypocrite in some way, that's the way people who don't know how to argue work. I'm pissed off for a reason, and it's because anytime Metallica does something new, a handful of snobs (which are unfortunately "Metallica Fans") act as if they know what's good for the band.

Posted 7 years 2 days ago by RealMetallicaFan

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Lars doesn't get it! The fans are not complaining about the music or it's feel but about the CD mastering. The brick wall limiting and the over-compression crush the life out of the sound. Look up 'Loudness Wars' on Google and help get record companies to just stop doing this.

Posted 7 years 1 week ago by theboneyman

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I agree with Lars completly,the new album sounds awsome,i like the loud live feel it has,but your never going to please everyone out there.Anyway everyone i know who has the new album as spoke of nothing but praise for it,at the end of the day its a kick ass record,and i cant wait for them to come back to England sometime next year.

Posted 7 years 1 week ago by Locky

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