Metallica rocker Lars Ulrich has hit out at claims the band's lawsuit against music download site Napster was about money.
The band filed a suit against Napster in 2000, after the service hosted the group's copyright-protected material - a demo of their track I Disappear - without prior consent.
Metallica's legal team took Napster to the U.S. District Court, alleging the company had violated three areas of the law. A settlement was later reached between the band and Napster.
But despite their legal win, the band was hugely criticised for the move - becoming well known for being against the illegal downloading of music, which means bands don't get royalties for their tracks.
However, drummer Ulrich insists the suit against Napster was not launched to recoup lost cash - but was actually about remaining in control of their material.
He tells Rolling Stone, "Nine out of 10 people go, 'What was that about? It was about money.' F**k you - it wasn't about money. It was about control.
"I'll give away all my shit for free. But I'll decide when and where and how."